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Santa Cruz Island

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The Calm Cat

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A Movie About Life

“It’s like real life is awesome” said actor Ethan Hawke while promoting the unique and revolutionary film Boyhood (qtd....

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A Scribe’s Haiku

Established a scribe A poet at a young age Saga continues

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Confucius’ Principles For Leadership

The question “What makes a good leader?” has been asked for many centuries and will continue to be debated...

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Personal Responsibility: It’s a Class-y Situation

In my last year of middle school and the few years of high school, I attended private preparatory school...

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affluence gap

Admiration or Abuse in “My Papa’s Waltz”

Everyone has a father and has their own personal feelings towards father figures due to personal experiences. It is...

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Dancing on father's feet

Edible Vaccine

Imagine being able to receive our essential vaccinations by simple eating a banana, potato, lettuce, carrots, and even a...

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Eloquent Editing: A Movie Analysis of Apocalypse Now

Orson Welles said, “The notion of directing a film is the invention of critics…the whole eloquence of cinema is...

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The Earth Says Hello!

A flower says hi, and a sparrow sings to me, spring has come again!

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