The Fear of Being Black

The Fear of Being Black

“(Bang)” Another man down!
It’s not considered murder if the body doesn’t make a sound.
And, it doesn’t get justice if nobody’s around,
Just another black man put in the ground.

“Not my baby!” another mother cries.
“Well, I seen him reaching” another officer lies.
“African American man gun down today”, Channel 7 replies.
Another unsolved mystery of why another black man dies.

Has anybody noticed it’s always white officer on black man?
Can anyone give me the logic because I just don’t understand!
Blank, blank, blank question mark would I be here to stand?

Do you think I’m belligerent?
Well, I think you’re arrogant
Because you’re abusing your power for just the thrill of it.
Integrity, integrity, integrity we need more of it!

We will strive to see a better day and that’s a fact!
And that faith runs deep no matter where I’m at.
“Justice” we will keep praying for that,
But until then, we will still be living in the fear of being black!



April 9, 2015

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