Haiku Composed During Award Ceremony

Haiku Composed During Award Ceremony

Ventura College
Inspiration is found here
Success will happen.


I went out today
And ran into a friend who/
it doesn’t matter

The article said
Globalization is not/
It doesn’t matter

All I wanted to
That is okay, nevermind/
It doesn’t matter


Platypus swim blind.
Cold water, hopeful thinking.
Bam! Hitting rocks hurts.


Ride light in saddle
Ready for life’s twists, turns
Sun on face, seize the day.


Freshness of tulips
Feels like hefty gulp of spring,
Heart-warming brain freeze.


Once, before I knew,
I tried to be just like you
Now, I just live me.

I could not be you
No matter how hard I tried.
I am now just me.

Fat is like drowning
Happy is like being free
I choose to be thin.


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