She: The Iridescent

She: The Iridescent

Her hair is gold-

starlight in a shattered mirror


and her ears cast away

white elephants that have become too much to carry


and her eyes are corrals

with gates left wide open


and her smile is a kite tail

snagged on wisps of Cirrus


and her tongue is Springtime,

her words are cold as ice


and her song is a hummingbird’s egg

lost in the high grass


and her reasons are ice skates

with broken blades


and her shoulders are a bridge in an earthquake


and her arms are silver ribbons


and her hands are worn

like sandpaper


and her fingers are capsized



and her ribs are rows of stories


and her skin is a map

of the way home


and her nose is the smallest part

of a question


and her hips are a wishbone

that won’t break


and her footprints are detour signs


and her dreams are unmanned

hot-air balloons


and her promises are shooting stars


and her sigh is the shoreline

creeping into the sea.

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