My Affair

My Affair

And to my husband I say:

I am having an affair.,

And I refuse to apologize for this thing that has made me feel  for the first time.

It started intellectually.

I was touched,

I felt a connection on our walks,

every time we went out to coffee or dinner,

and every time I stared into his eyes, I felt it and I was touched.

It then became physical.

He touched me,

And I felt a wave of need come over me.

Every time his skin grazed mine,

and every time he kissed my lips, I felt it and I was touched.

Lastly, it became spiritual.

He was the touch,

And I knew that I could not ever live my life without him.

Every time he left I felt a pang of fear that he was leaving me forever,

Though every time I saw him again, I knew he needed me just as much as I wanted him, and my heart was touched.

I refuse to apologize for what I have done.

I refuse to say that this act of love was a mistake,

And so help me God I will continue to indulge in it each and every day I wake up next to you,

My husband, my lover, my affair from the world.

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