Kill the Cheerleader

Kill the Cheerleader

One, Two, Three, Four

I don’t need you anymore

Five, Six, Seven, Eight

You’re the one I love to hate

So if you want someone to Cheer

I guess I’ll make this loud and clear

Cause I don’t plan to sit and wait

Like pretty girls with perfect dates

Listen up and listen good

Cause this is where I’ve always stood



She will not jump and doesn’t twirl

She’s not some stupid little girl

Your cheerleader is on the mend

Her cheers are coming to an end

So if you want a girl who’s hot

Brace yourself for she’s not

Your cheerleader is gone and dead

We filled her empty little head

We tossed her skirt into the trash

And covered up that shameful ass

She threw her pompoms on the flame

Cause jumping up and down was lame

So don’t expect to hear me cheer

Or stare into that shallow mirror

Cause that cheerleader’s not in here


You can think you’re tough as grit

But I’m not gonna hear that shit

No more “sweetie” “baby” “honey”

I don’t need a stupid cavity

The cheerleader you always want

Was nothing but a girl to taunt

Don’t get it wrong inside you head

That girl was never really dead

She lived in us till we got smart

And found something to fill our heart




The cheerleader who stole your heart

Is better now – with better parts

The girl you want is ten years younger

And pops those pills to curb her hunger

Don’t worry though it’s just a phase

Someday soon she’ll change her ways

Your cheerleader who used to shine

Has got herself a brand new mind

So move along – nothing to see

There’s no cheerleader inside of me

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    Jaclyn Walker

    WWWWWWWoooooWWW! This is great! I read a few other of yours I enjoyed, but this one is spunky and has a breath of fight! I’ve got lots of favorite lines here, and one is: “She lived in us till we got smart And found something to fill our heart.” Thank you.

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