The Cross

The Cross

I believe in his love

And in heaven above

But those who preach

Should not too teach

For words confuse and

Cause abuse.  In faith I

Trust for life’s a must

True to his Word he

Is my Lord but in his

Cross my faith is loss his love was great though many hate but death does halt

At no one’s fault lives will end while he defends.  Though I believe death

Cannot leave once it has struck life it will suck till all is gone and life is done.

To rise from that should cause a spat for it’s not real to never feel death’s

Cold sting and rest it brings. The cross he bore the nails that tore destroyed

The man who had a plan

To cure the world and

Be the Lord but death

Does last though time

Has passed so myth

He’ll stay from day to

Day.  His love did

Blind as death does

Bind and I’ll hold

Dear that love that’s

Clear but trust what’s

Seen and know what’s


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