The Martian Writing Contests

The Martian Writing Contests

This semester, dozens of students in classes across campus are reading Ventura College’s One Book One Campus selection, Andy Weir’s The Martian. We want to see in what ways you, the students of Ventura College, are inspired by this wonderful and imaginative science-faction novel.

We have two writing contests here you may submit entries to:

Submit any essay you have composed for class about the novel The Martian. Though prompts may differ from one class to another, that’s okay; as long as the essay is about the book, it’s eligible for consideration here at VC Voices.


We’d like to see short fiction stories you have written that are science-fiction inspired. For our purposes here, we’ll simply say that sci-fi to us refers to stories in which technology and/or science are integral to the story. These could be set in the near future, the very distant future, and could be about people, aliens, or even a place, such as Mars. Get creative!

Please be sure to submit your piece as a “Martian Essay” or “Martian Short Fiction” category selection so readers can easily find your work.

Note: We also have our regular haiku contest taking place; see the VC Voices home page for details about this contest and how we’ve tied it to The Martian.

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