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college thought

Who likes to party? Drinking, eyes open yet gone. one shot two shot done.

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Many thanks to those of you who published your work this semester with VC Voices.  We’d like to honor...

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Waves Haiku

Waves conquer the beach Marching in relentlessly Bringing with them peace

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War Haiku

war takes prisoners of the minds and souls of men for war never sleeps

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The Martian’s Scientific Culture

On Earth, where it seems that things are measured by its own planetary standards, some people can find it...

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Honor or Disrespect to the American Indian

Honor or Disrespect to the American Indian Often times you hear about sport teams like the Cleveland Indians or...

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Martian Essay

The Importance of Science Literacy When you think of science, you probably imagine a laboratory filled with beakers, chemicals,...

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Sometimes It Just Takes a Spark

I could remember it like it was yesterday in the dimmed classroom on a quiet evening. My teacher had...

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How To

How to throw the perfect Barbecue Everyone wants to throw the perfect. Barbecue Am I right? You know the...

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For Every Dark Night, There’s a Brighter Day

For Every Dark Night, There’s A Brighter Day “Everyone is handed adversity in life. No one’s journey is easy....

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