A Letter to Heaven

A Letter to Heaven


A letter, a word, a song that talks about love

a second, a minute, an hour, all to admire

your warmth, a kiss, the sadness brings me to my knees

the reflection of the moon in your eyes, the softness of your touch, why does everyone I love always dies

its dark, it’s cold, and I don’t know if I’ll grow old

my love, my dear, oh when will we be near

I see myself in the mirror and stare at a stranger

I can’t help but feel all this anger

the tears, the wounds, have scraped that innocence away

the color in this picture is gone

and with it my loved one

you were my rock, you were my tree,

and when you died you took the rest of me

I cannot undo what has been done

I can only hold this pain that weighs a ton

rest in peace old fellow

no more pain just be mellow

I miss you, I wish you,

were here……

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