After Listening to a Conversation with God

After Listening to a Conversation with God

I am what’s within you

When you feel without

I am the serving

Of which you dream about


I will always love you

No matter what you choose

This is your playground

So do what you do


I will not judge your actions

Your reactions, I will not

Because this is your dream

And mine, I will not change your thoughts


I will watch you grow

To the being you wish to be

Because your dream is also mine

Do not change because of “me”


Your are an extension

An expression of what I am

I want to know myself better

Your wish be your command


You will not be exiled

Or banned from such gates

You are already eternal

Even if you seek hate


Though, does this emotion serve you?

Are you better than before?

There are many, many options

That you may explore


You will not be alone

I can hear your shouts

Because I am what’s within you

When you feel without


This poem was inspired by the beautifully written book, Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsch. This book has lifted my spirits and removed a lot of fears in my life. I am not a religious person, but for a lot of my life I have feared a hell – something that I am not for certain exists. This poem is not to put down, promote, or disrespect any religions, but is written in hopes to inspire love and comfort in others, just as Walsch’s wonderful writings have done for me.

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