Communication is Key

Communication is Key

The start of every new relationship is about getting to know your partner.

So darling, now that I’ve gotten to know you,

Let me tell you what turns me on.

Let me tell you what gets me going, what gets me hot under the collar.

I want you to know that communication is key, communication is hot.

Not hot like a wildfire that burns too quick, that loses oxygen too fast,

But hot like a slow burning furnace that slowly warms up every fiber in my being.

Your voice is so warm and dear I have been freezing.

Talk dirty to me by telling me about your day, I want to know everything,

And as you’re telling me, just know that I’m holding onto every word.

Remember that communication is a two way street though

And if communicating gets you going,

Then I’ll share everything I know in exchange for heat.

Warm me up by telling me about how you see the world

And when you’re done, I will keep the fire going by filling in the blanks

‘Cause darling

Communication is key

My piece is meant to illustrate a healthy relationship that is built on communication. The narrator talks about how communication keeps a fire going in a relationship, especially in a new one. When a relationship is first starting, you’re learning new information about this person every time you talk to them. It’s magical when it first starts, and can leave a person feeling warm.

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