I once read that girls say the word just more than boys.

maybe that’s because we are told to accept, not to challenge, not to step past the line

that we didn’t ask to be defined

not to speak unless spoken to because girls are polite,





prim as a rose



passive aggressive

and problematic when you don’t act as expected


Because you see, if you don’t fit inside the perforated lines of the perfectly modeled archetypes society has so generously constructed for you

then you can’t be convinced



twisted and manipulated by the masses for the man made media moguls to

Systematically sell you the silent sinister secrets we’ve all been socialized to believe.


Now, I’m here to say that there has been an error in communication,

a complication, a miscalculation of what it means to be a Miss.


What is means to be a miss is not the shade of your lipstick; it is not the color of your shoes, not the length of your skirt, your skirt.

The skirt you were told not to wear out at night, not the kind the good girls wear, not the kind you should have without your pepper spray.

The pepper spray you were given as a 13th birthday present, that’s shaped like a lipstick tube because you need to be prepared. Prepared is another way of buying the blame for being a girl in a world where you must be silent until something happens that makes you speak up.


Once I read that girls say the word just more than boys,

but you know, I’m just sayin’

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