Mother is that you?

Mother is that you?

To mommy dearest,

It’s been 19 years, where are you?

I have the freckles across my face that resemble constellations.

I have the almond-shaped eyes that resemble yours.

I’m petite … just like you.

But do you want to know what’s not like you?


I look in the mirror and smile at my reflection,

for not being my mother’s daughter.

Where were you when my brother and I needed a provider? .. a mother.

Why did you make false accusations?

Why did you mistreat my dad?

I’ve had a great life without you.

I won character awards in elementary school.

I played basketball,

but not like a pro.

I loved softball,

especially when I never did anything right.

I became fond of the clarinet and pursued it.

I broke my leg in 6th grade.

I graduated high school.

I’m a writer.

I’m content with who I am.

No soy tú niña

¡Y no soy tú!


I lost the woman who was my mother 7 years ago.

I would give anything to be beside her..

She fought for me,

for my sake.

She gave me everything you would’ve never been able to.

Her love was my greatest toy,

your absence was a blessing in disguise.

Tengo el amor de mi abuela.

Tengo la corazón de mi mamá,

pero no es tú.

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