No Place

No Place

I have no sacred place

They have been burned or had been mearly a dream

There was once a beautiful park where it started

Let me think

the first place that comes to mind was that

ditch by my house… but no

I had to leave

for my mom had moved away

Well the pool, ahh

the pool were I met my first love

the tranquil water inviting me

come and swim your trouble’s away

let me take them all a way whispered the water

but now it does not speak

oh why, why don’t you want me to swim anymore

What about the music and writing

well music does move me

it flows throw my body

it pulls, the words out of the

garden of my brain.

But sadly it doesn’t help me escape

So now I truly don’t have one sacred place

oh why oh why do I not have one… I have two

For when I need to go I turn to one person

and place that will always be there, want to guess?

In the arms of people who love me

and want to see me grow and blossom

into someone who loves and respects

and the second place is easy as can be

its where love flourishes this is where you can find me.

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