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Whoa what a rush!!!  Those nice folks at the JPL didn’t come close to describing how it would feel...

Apr 19 · 2 min read >

Aaron Patrick

           We’re finally getting off the freeway at “Stadium Way,” making the last haul up the hill to Dodger...

Apr 19 · 3 min read >

Of Dragons and Kings

Over the hills and far away, Where knights come to save the day, An old woman, she used to...

Apr 19 · 1 min read >

Touch of Evil: An Analysis

The film Touch of Evil (1959,Orson Welles) is about an investigation revolving around a car bomb explosion that happened...

Apr 19 · 2 min read >

Millennials: Be More Talk, Less Show

Defining a generation is not an easy task since they all work hard in their pursuit of happiness, and...

Apr 19 · 3 min read >

Cinematic Techniques in Juno Emphasize the Importance of Responsibility

Director Jason Reitman uses the cinematic techniques of scenery and sound to underscore the theme of personal responsibility in...

Apr 19 · 1 min read >

If cats could talk…….

This is a story about my best friend…… When I was seven, my parents gave into my incessant whining...

Apr 19 · 2 min read >

Jupiter Nightmares

Jupiter nightmares, Dark, green eyed Martian men stares, Human race despairs.  

Apr 18 · 2 sec read >

Mother is that you?

To mommy dearest, It’s been 19 years, where are you? I have the freckles across my face that resemble...

Apr 18 · 58 sec read >

Imagination is a Powerful Force: A Question of the Legitimacy of Academics in Religious Art

In this essay I will establish a connection between the language and visual arts. I will analyze two great...

Apr 18 · 10 min read >