It is funny that speech is

inherent in being human, but

communication is hard. What is it

about opening my mouth and

informing another of my thoughts

that is hard?


It is not as if  I am on an

alien planet, with you trying to

help to me survive. It is not as

if I am trying to confess some

great crime, or any other secret.


Some much of talking feels out of my hands.

A misspoken inflection can give

my words an unintentionally questioning or angry

tone. Too fast you will not know

what I said; too slow you will

think I am stupid or unwilling.

Things can even be said at the

wrong time and place!


Said without out a smile, I am anti-social.

no pleasantries, I am rude or unfriendly.

no eye contact,  I must be abused.


I don’t want to get it wrong.

I don’t know what to do.

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