My Most Prized Possession

My Most Prized Possession

The funny thing about my most prized possession is that it isn’t really a possession. Possessions are items like cars or computers and such things that don’t have feeling or a soul. My most prized possession is orange and white with a puffy little snake like tail and has the attitude of a prissy brat because she feels higher than all around her. Yes, your assumption is correct-my prize possession is a cat.

My lovely little orange tabby cat Marley is a little bit over a year old and I have had her since she was roughly two months old. It is an interesting situation regarding how and why I acquired her, you see I live in a house where everyone has their own cat. My lovely wife has a cat named Charlie, her older brother has another named Molly, my mother-in-law has one named Sookie which in my opinion is really fat and needs to lose some weight and my father- in- law has one named Tavoe, and lastly we have a family cat named Chongo. You notice who’s missing a furry feline? … ME! So I went on a mission to find me a furry feline of my own and I knew just where to look… Craigslist. I went on the trash dump website of all kinds of junk and found this little tabby cat who looked all scraggly and in dire need of a bath, so I went and picked her up and she’s been with me ever since. She now lounges on the couch and cat podiums and basically does whatever she wants and calls to me when she wants to play fetch. Yes, I know your amazed that I have a cat that plays fetch and this isn’t some fetch either but a legitimate fetch where she waits for me to throw a ball, picks it up, and brings it back to me. Why wouldn’t you want that? She’s amazing and a piece of crap all in one, but she is my most prized possession.

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