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Tracks in The Sunset

  This is a picture I took on December 28, 2015. It is a picture of a track in...

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Are Cartoons Becoming Geared More Towards Adults?

Cartoons, once primarily the domain of children, are increasingly becoming oriented toward an adult audience. In a quest to...

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The Blame Game

Mikayla Burnett English 2 Dixon September 10, 2016 Narrative Essay   The Blame Game How did they track her...

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The Enliven Journey

  Janelle Estrada Professor Heather Aguailar English V03, Essay One 11 October 2016 The Enliven Journey I felt apprehensive...

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The City of Love

The City of Love In the third grade a young sweet little girl with four eyes would come into...

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An Argument of Education Reform: Donovan Livingston “Lift off”

All are born equipped in genius to be standardized by institutions. The curriculum awakened the authentic voice of Donovan...

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Leaf Angel

Self portrait for Photo 1 film class.

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Precious Water

  This Image is from My Photo VO6B Class with Greg Cooper. It is a common stream of water...

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The Drifter

The river flows down toward the sea never to reconcile with a former self; no lake, or spring, nor...

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Struggles in the Pursuit of Higher Education

My whole life I have heard it said that in order to get anywhere in life, one needs an...

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