Feeling lonely, claustrophobic, stressed, nervous

Shaking, sweating, looking around constantly hoping no one’s looking

Wanting to hide

Sit alone

But instead facing a mental storm inside your head

While trying to remain externally calm feeling completely out of place

Nervous, drowning in tears

Surrounded by a barrier which you only wish hides how you feel

Just relax people say, it’s all in your head

You can stop it anytime you want

There’s no need to cry

You’re so sensitive

Just go talk to them

You’re seeming rude

You’re so quiet


This isn’t insecurity it’s anxiety

I know it’s in my head there’s only so much I can do

I’m sorry these problems are in my head

I have nothing to show for them except distress

That’s all I can give

But no, my mind can’t take anymore

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