Authors as Activists:  Politics, Current Events, and News

What in the news keeps your attention and occupies your thoughts?  Which issues do you care about that you believe we should care about, too?  What do you want us to see?

We’re students.  We’re staff.  We’re faculty.  We’re also engaged members of society who make observations about our world.  We see what’s happening around us, and as members of a Democracy, sometimes we want to share our voices to engage in a meaningful conversation about the issues that matter most to us.

This corner of VC VoicesAuthors as Activists—is a place for you to publish editorials, opinion pieces, open letters, and general thoughts about what you see going on in your community, your country, your world.  We’re eager to share your thoughts and writings with our audience.

All that’s left is for you to write.

What you write about, and how you write about it, is entirely up to you.  We want to publish as wide a selection of different perspectives on different issues as possible.  If you’re unclear as to how to approach writing an editorial, opinion piece, or open letter, feel free to consult the Op/Ed or Editorial sections of any major newspaper or magazine.  That’ll give you a taste of how you might want to approach your task.

We welcome provocative work because the issues that most impact us are…well, provocative.  That said, there is a way to engage in civil discourse so that you are expressing yourself while also showing class and respect for those who might disagree with you.  So, be bold, be passionate, be provocative, but understand that at VC Voices we have our own criteria for what we publish, so if we deem a piece “less than civil,” we simply won’t publish it.  We won’t censor, and we won’t edit without the author’s consent, but we will reserve the right to say no.  But we hope to say yes far more often.

Decide how you feel.  Write it down.  And send it our way.

We’d be very glad to publish it at VC Voices.

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