A dot in the noise

Seen through the shadow of a cloud

I know where it goes

Memory paints the picture I want to see

It happens that everything reflected is upside down

Standing on my head

I see the world as it was meant to be seen

Not just for me

But for all

The light diminishes as clouds roll in

Ripples where the land meets the sea

Uniformity, Harmonizing

The sky and sea

I see

But will be there if I look away

Or does the role reverse

And  I drown in a sea of dirt and rock

Suffocated by the harshness of nature

But brought back by its beauty

For if it were a woman

I would cup the mountains as if the breasts

And squeeze my body into the valleys and plains and all the rest

To dip my feet in the oceans blue

And to touch my lips to the flowers bloom

But light can break free

If only for just a moment

But a moment is all I need

But a moment to make me believe

I trust the sun to rise each day

To have the moon spin round our way

To never leave for we are one

And if I am one, then you are two

And just a little space


Me from you.

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