BlackBelt                                                                                                  By Jake Withers

When seeking advice you often find your teachers or parents for the answers.


Most of the time you listen to them. While other times you do not.


Most of the time others listen. While others do not.


In my own experience, I have sought advice too.


For my training to achieve the next rank.


And my skills to achieve almost perfection.


That’s why we push on. We..


Mentor On. That is the word of a person who is climbing to the top and needs

guidance from Mentors.


Mentors are Masters, Sensei, Teachers, and Instructors.


Constant practice working on pattern and flow of energy. Hours and Hours

of concentration until the next rank is achieved.


Years pass with greater focus and dedication which lead to perfection.


The Mentor guides you to be stronger and stronger.  Self-confidence and

determination and finally…

The Mentor presents to you the highest achievement ever.  




When really your journey was the reward.


So what does it mean to be a Mentor?

Start training and find out.


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