They just

Look at me differently

Born a disability,

But that’s nothing new to me

Even Kendrick

Couldn’t clone this recipe

The perception, I see


Left to question

Love and some affection,

Left to question

People’s perception of the deprived

pained buried inside,

Judgments I tend to hide

I feel the divide, tears pouring out my eyes,

why lie,

They just look at me differently

like I show, no sympathy

pain turns to tragedy

I can’t find the strategy

the pain turns to agony

I see the Travesty, of being me

They don’t believe in humanity,

A simple human being, a stranger they perceive,

over the years look what I’ve received

surrounded by peers, that show the fears

The whispers, the tears,

why am i here?

the shrugs, the people that judge ,

Look at me Differently

like a man with a gun,

the aggression was my medicine

pain consumed by adrenaline

have I become whole, is this how life is suppose

to go

I don’t know, all I know

Is I’m judged by my clothes

and complex skin tone

i’m a stranger alone

They look at me and show

no sympathy,

I’m living bitterly

standing in disbelief,

wondering if i had the holy keys,

would it create difference,

I have to stay persistent

my life is buried in the trenches

I’m my own witness,

they look at me like beauty and the beast

I’m hideous to society

I’m a menace to societies

I swing from a vine tree, where the deprived be,

I’m poison to the world like Ivy

I’m blind like Stevie

judgments made like they where seen on T.V.

I hate the outcome, But I love the outcome

how come, these people doubt some

Mos Def playing I’m just trying to get by

Playing in my mind

I look towards the sky

Strangers form in the shape of a line

are people humanized

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