Hey There, Stranger

Hey There, Stranger

Who are you?

Looking straight at me the way you do

With your happy brown eyes of yours

And your smile, of course

The way you manage to crack a smile at everyone you see

Even if it isn’t meant to be

You seem so positive with what you do

But honestly, how much of that is true

Everyone says you always have it together

And you just shrug like “whatever”

Everything you do seems so fake

Tell me what does it take

To show yourself to the world

C’mon you can do it baby girl

Even you feel like a phony

And feeling a little lonely

You don’t have to be a stranger

I promise there is no danger

Let yourself feel the wealth

Of what it means to be yourself

I say all of this as i look into the mirror

Wondering what is it that i have to fear.

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