Slam Poem

Slam Poem


Quiet in the night

Life at momentary stop

Waiting for the sun

The share its awakening light

I will get up

And start my day

But I will not be the only one

I can see the man i have never met

As he rolls out of bed

Perhaps we will walk past each other

And share a simple nod, a simple time

My day will move on

Rituals will be done

Habits to be fulfilled

Addictions to suck me back in

But when I wake in morning time

And walk that path again

Something new

A friendly wave

Not the same as before

But it stirs my thoughts

As I look back to Yesterday Man

And today to Tomorrow Man

It’s a timeless range

But to all of them, I am the one who’s strange


I have definitely done this before

But I am clueless in this life

With darkness I must stop

Frozen in the blind

Things I knew before

Have moved and warped

Never in the same place

Time will tell the light to appear

But if you wait for that time

It will never come

To walk the unknown

With your head held high

To realize the light is to be created within

No matter where you have been

I take pieces from everyone I see

And lead a string for people to follow me

I would consider myself the leader

Though all I was doing was following my dream

Knowing that all of those that have been seen

Have been known

By those that live in my unknown

Yet they don’t have to be

I can learn to look around

I can learn to take what I found

Twist it around and try to be profound

But is this really the answer

Simple happiness everyone

Just say hello to that next passing stranger

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