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Lilacs expanding with beautiful scent, a gift the room clothed with life

May 30 · 2 sec read >

quick analysis on writing down the bones essay

Writing down the bones In 12th grade I was placed to retake an 11th grade English class and to...

May 30 · 4 min read >

The Waste Land 2

The Waste Land II Part I: The Resurrection of the Living 1978 is the year of joy, dancing Sticks...

May 15 · 4 min read >

I Am Here

I Am Here I have been shifting in and out of consciousness as cars shift gears, accelerating on the...

May 5 · 31 sec read >

A Field of Sunflowers

Sunflowers are the most grotesque of all fruit. They stare into me as if I were looking down the...

May 1 · 16 sec read >