I Am Here

I Am Here

I Am Here

I have been shifting in and out of consciousness as cars shift gears,

accelerating on the minds freeways of perception glimpsing myself beyond years,

beyond hopes, dreams, laughter and tears, judgments, achievements and paranoid fears,

beyond the divisions of my heart from my minds left and right hemispheres,

beyond the hate and the hope the joy and the grief,

beyond sickness, health, war and peace,

I am here,

I am,

I am here,

in the polar realm of joy and plight

judging and discriminating between wrong and right,

here I worry for the safety and future of my family and home,

fearing and lamenting the inevitable death and decay of my flesh and bone,

I am both amazed with its beauty and disgusted by the  state of the world I am in,

as the world reflects the duality I carry within.


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