Painful Seconds

Painful Seconds

And within seconds, he was gone.
Her tears rushed down his chest.
A painful cry filled the room.
I grabbed on to my pillow, comforting myself.
Madness entered the room and a bang against the wall
startled us all.
A weeping mother faced the fear she was desperately trying to avoid.
She closed the eyelids of her son.
A warm touch.

The son was awoken and received the news.
His dad, best friend, had died.
A disbelief appeared on his face and buried it on his pillow.

Phone calls were being made.
Anguish remained.
The door bell rung numerous of times.
Arms were extended.
But we remained disoriented.

His body was covered, carried out, and taken away.
The son waved, saying his goodbye.
I looked at him and held his hand.
We’ll be okay brother.

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