Speak with me.

Look at me.



And feel.

Mushrooms fall in circles

In this bright and open field.


Come with me.

We will see

The stars that dot the sky.

Like paint,

Spewed from mouths

Of ancient ones

Who lived in time afar.


Deep, dark and spacious sea,

Minds that wander far.

We swim the currents that we see

And follow our own whims.

My message to you,

Is to be.

To live your life

To it’s own decree

And surrender to the high.


Now lying down

In grassy meadows,

Feel the roots crawl through your hair.

Clouds are pumping wildly,

And nature’s ripe to stare.

Streams trickle

Down your body,

And everything is care.


A crystalled smile

Beckons me,

Down to where the fairies sing,

And nothing’s quite the same.

I am here to breathe

The fabled air,

I am here to drink

The cotton cream.


On this day

I know I came

With wonder in my eye.

But if I ever left this place

I know I’d surely cry.

Not everything is sweet, I know,

But some things are eternal.

This is buried deep within,

It’s loveliness internal.

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