It was hard at first

Like ripping off a Band-Aid

The duct tape of society’s expectations and my own inhibitions kept my eyes cast down And my mouth sealed shut

But after that brief pain the words came flowing forth like water bursting from a dam to fragile to hold them back

And now I can’t stop


The words have a life of their own a soul that is more than mine alone

They say that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and I know this is true

These words

They have power

To confront and compel

To caress and comfort

But most importantly to create a reality

Reality apart from what we know

Reality in the direction of what we desire

I can not

Should not

Will not

Remain silent any longer


Twenty children


Six adults


And the coward that did it turned that weapon of destruction on himself

Sandy Hook should have put an end to it

Would have, if it weren’t for cowardice and corruption

A steady march of death is the new anthem of this country

The land of the free and home of the brave

Until bullets rip through flesh and shatter bone

Snuffing the flames of life

The promise

The hope

The future

Well I call bullshit

Bullshit that we can’t summon the willpower to protect our children

The willpower to stand up to laws that have not caught up with technology

And now another 17 are dead

But these dead won’t remain silent

The survivors speak for them in voices true and strong

They shall not waver in their determination

They seek change

They seek justice

And we must all stand up with them

We must raise our voices with theirs until our chorus of “NO” cannot be drowned out

Our willpower will be undeniable and our passion will be clear for all to see

They scoff at us

Say how Millennials are “ruining everything”

But what did we inherit but a broken system built to keep you in power and us submissive

Well not anymore

We’ve had it up to here with your status quo and “tradition”

We’ve had it up to here with watching our friends and colleagues die before our eyes

We’ve had it up to here with the refusal to even study the problem in hopes of finding a solution

We’ve had it up to here with lack of change

We’ve had it up to here with nothing more than “thoughts and prayers”

We’ve reached the end of frayed and unwinding ropes

We’ve had



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