Breaking Silence

Breaking Silence

“Breaking Silence”

By: Nadia Noury




Quietude in lengths

Marmalade silence

Embellishing thoughts

gorgeous reels


Talkative cats

and relishing moments

decisive, mountainous imposements

Courageous outbursts

and mistaken omens

Reaching for tops

that I can’t understand

Blooming and getting out of the darkness.

Shouting with enthusiasm at great heights.

Realizing energy that meanders with my hollow


I try to trail a marvelous opening

My sarcastic trembles and breathtaking lies

Another meticulous embarrassment

a shy intrusion dented for more tactics

I bring about a secret in a whisper so you can keep it in a



Attacking emotions

A pink, reckless moment

safe, introverted kicks

and busying flies

I leave a ghost

bury my brains

and learn to make way

Ricocheting peels

I smell the dampness

and remember to reach out; for

a reluctance,


I taste the softness

and a girl

Blackness, gilded formations

I hear a mortifying splash

and see the moments out there to inspire my


to come apart

to land

I throw away my guilt

and cherish a broken piano

The restlessness and peaks

break my silence and I tear

a rage buried too deep to sound off

I engravel my truce and begin to pour


A selfish, readying sound bubble

I learn to embrace and mash it up with


Mighty toddlers and dancing ridicules

Mortifying steps retrace my past…

A telephone rebukes my inner turmoil

dissolution taught for discipline


I tumble and get air

Airwaves and ghastly Trojans

A wicker set off too soon

To break a code and indulge in delightfulness

A weaker point that stands too tall

I bend and cocoon

the amazing trilogy

A heartbroken master

the theory is done

I hide and I manifest

Tragedies and cool ambience

Funneling out my cocoon…

to blast all, I shout, I scream

and no one hears

but I crack the quietness and emptiness

with a puncture… built to rupture the

outer realms in the Heavens and the ghostly sky.

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