The Breath

The Breath

The breath

Does fill my eyes

As I

Do see

The sound

Form around

your mouth

To spit

A feeling

Of purest emotion

To ground my head

From the souls

Of my feet

My feats

To Strive for greatness

Humbled in simplicity

I wait

For moments already past

False happiness

I revel in my Metaphysical

Knick-Knacs and Brick-a-Brac

With poetic silence

Broken unto the views

Of present past

How did we forget the sound of the setting sun?

To slowly rise

As the colors do envelop

My ear


To calm the mind

I breath

The unspoken vibrations

That have yet to hit the inner self

Though passed through

With thoughts intent

Time spent

I’m broke

With rich is

That word to live with

The eternal scroll

Forever looked upon

As we live ever on

This elevations peak

Simply gaining the answers in which we seek


From thoughts unsaid


To the silent prophecy

That guides the stoic tree

Of ancient age

To yearful ring

That noiseless bell

And drink from the driest well

I’m Parched

As the Parchment

For which I write upon

My cracked lips

Drip Blood

That quench the voice

To speak these truths

As our own free choice.



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