Spring 2019 Poetry Slam Submission


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Life was not good

Each morning hard to get out of bed

Don’t open the curtains

No sun will come in

Can not get out of bed

Too lazy to do anything

Too many things going on

Too many people leaving

Too many problems   

Days without sleep

Days without a smile

Going to school was bad

No friends

So much drama

And problems that can not be solved

Lonely days at school

No one to talk to

No one to laugh with

But one day everything

Had got solved

She would laugh

Laughed at the jokes


She saved the day

She saved the week

She saved the whole year

Everyday got better and better

Lets go to school

Lets go talk to my new friend

She saved my life

Finally someone to talk to

Finally the sunshine that was needed

No more rain thunder and lighting

The sun was finally out

The new discovery of my new best friend

Of 8 years,many more

Years and memories to come


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