Melody Goebel

My name is Melody Goebel. I live in Southern California and am a college student. My main career goal is to be excepted into the Marist University in Italy for a Master's degree in Art Restoration and Conservation and go from there. I am a professional artist. Also, I'm a needlewoman and designer. As for being an artist, I am self taught. I learned through studying Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks; sifting through over 2,400 folio pages to find any instruction on drawing and painting. I have been drawing for over 12 years and would love to expand into oils and tempera paint. Once I began applying da Vinci's teachings I noticed a dramatic improvement in my art. As a needlewoman, I do knitting, crochet, tatting, cross-stitch, amigurumi and clothes. Where my talent in needlework s concerned I have my great grandmother to thank fr that, as she was a professional seamstress who was in large demand with Atlanta Georgia's wealthy patrons. For designing I create fashion concepts to be used either for fashion design or to be used in artwork. My designs are the lesser of my hobbies, its simply for my own enjoyment.

4 stories by Melody Goebel

Inside the Outside

David Bowie: Outside Tour(ca. 1997) Inspired by a song from his album Outside called, “I Have Not Been To...

Apr 14 · 7 sec read >

A Better Day

  Dolly Parton from her album, A Better Day. Graphite pencil on artist drawing paper, 14″x17″.

Dec 1 · 3 sec read >

Theda Bara as Cleopatra

Medium: Faber Castell Colored Leads, Sanguine. on White Paper. 8.5″ X 11″

May 4 · 2 sec read >