English 2

Reflections on Writing Down the Bones

In the book Writing Down The Bones the author Natalie Goldberg suggests a lot of useful ideas for writing....

Apr 14 · 2 min read >


Billions of light-years Billions of galaxies spin Seven billion specks

Apr 6 · 2 sec read >


The main lights flicker off, the main drive has powered down. A growl from the dark.

Apr 5 · 3 sec read >

Dead space

Empty and frigid, yet contains all we know. Densely packed, yet sparse.

Apr 4 · 2 sec read >

Social Media’s impact on today’s society

Today is the age of new technology. Every year a new phone like the iphone 6s plus, a new...

Nov 23 · 7 min read >

Mom, Do You Douche?

Imagine a dainty woman clothed in a flowing dress, roaming through a field as a breeze blows through her...

Nov 15 · 5 min read >

Godzilla’s Rampage of Change

Godzilla’s Rampage of Change Citizens hear the siren of an attack, and fear strikes them instantly. They take cover...

Nov 11 · 4 min read >

Saving Water By Not Watering Lawns

Last year my family and I grew a garden in our front yard. We had tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and...

May 14 · 7 min read >

The Importance of Using Proper Grammar

This week we see the importance in using correct grammar in Everyday Writer by Andrea Lunsford. Lunsford helps us...

May 12 · 3 min read >

Handcuffs Hanging on Sneakers

When you see this beautiful, comfortable, high top black and white pair of sneakers, you see greatness. You can...

May 6 · 3 min read >
Sneaker with handcuff