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May 3 · 36 sec read >

Bring me back to the greens

Dimethyltryptamine It leads me to the trees You bring me to the root Eternal state of being I thank...

May 3 · 9 sec read >


“Karna” All my life I’ve felt like Karna, The son princess Kunti abandoned in a river, And because he...

May 3 · 2 min read >

Today I Answered ‘Yes’ to Life

My friend died yesterday he invited me to meet but with my brisk decline fueled by petty resentment an...

May 3 · 44 sec read >

Choked Vision

The breath That grounds the trees upon which I walk The world draws me closer yet now the destination...

May 3 · 55 sec read >

Space Man

Barley packed Will it be enough The triangle can provide If need be strong Taking the road All is...

Apr 14 · 1 min read >


At age 11, I began to flat-iron my hair. With a straightener or even a plancha. I wanted to...

Mar 20 · 1 min read >


POETRY SLAM:  SPRING 2019 Poets of Ventura College!  On Thursday, April 11th, the college will host its fourth annual...

Feb 23 · 1 min read >

If the First Amendment were Abolished

Zoie Moilanen Professor Peinado English V01B 9 April 2018   If the First Amendment were Abolished Living in a...

May 8 · 5 min read >