Creative Writing

A Lover’s Heart is Like Spring

Basking in the sun Biting her plum red wet lips Tasting nothing but

Apr 21 · 2 sec read >
Cherry plums

Carpe Diem Today

Today’s the day again Tomorrow we live again And yesterday is dust.

Apr 20 · 2 sec read >


Seven, thirteen, and zero six, here marks the end of a childhood’s bliss. The father’s call causes a mother’s...

Apr 20 · 17 sec read >

Window Pane

Amber streetlamp shone Shadows of raindrops fleeting My reflection cries

Apr 20 · 2 sec read >
Rain on window

His blue eyes so clear

His blue eyes so clear But his mind a raging storm Will he ever be …

Apr 19 · 3 sec read >
Blue eyes

A bug named Miller

A bug named Miller and another named Miller mystery of love

Apr 17 · 2 sec read >
Two bugs

Startled Too Soon

Startled too soon, crane jerks into flight above her life disappearing.

Apr 17 · 2 sec read >
Crane takes flight

I am (?)

I’ve got a heart made of gold But the summers getting cold I’m a bummer, or so I’ve been...

Apr 17 · 2 min read >

Toward those short trees

Toward those short trees We saw a hawk descending On a day in spring. ~Shiki

Apr 15 · 3 sec read >

The Fear of Being Black

“(Bang)” Another man down! It’s not considered murder if the body doesn’t make a sound. And, it doesn’t get...

Apr 10 · 38 sec read >