Ode to a Traveler

Wake up!… You city dwellers, and laborers of the dollar; Your senses have been blighted till you can no...

Apr 20 · 37 sec read >

Strangers Passing By

Strangers walk past us Different shapes and sizes Who are they truly?

Dec 15 · 2 sec read >


Feeling lonely, claustrophobic, stressed, nervous Shaking, sweating, looking around constantly hoping no one’s looking Wanting to hide Sit alone...

Dec 5 · 29 sec read >

The Drifter

The river flows down toward the sea never to reconcile with a former self; no lake, or spring, nor...

Nov 15 · 9 sec read >


Estranged from thyself like ships passing in the night Man transcends himself

Nov 15 · 2 sec read >


For our Fall 2016 haiku contest, we’re borrowing from a theme found in our One Book One Campus selection,...

Oct 6 · 39 sec read >

college thought

Who likes to party? Drinking, eyes open yet gone. one shot two shot done.

Apr 26 · 3 sec read >

Waves Haiku

Waves conquer the beach Marching in relentlessly Bringing with them peace

Apr 25 · 2 sec read >

War Haiku

war takes prisoners of the minds and souls of men for war never sleeps

Apr 25 · 3 sec read >


Dont you dare give up I said ” LIFT THAT SHIT DANIEL” I told you, you could do it

Apr 19 · 3 sec read >