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A Man Passing

Have you ever loved someone so much you did not know what to do without them? One of the...

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Have you ever loved someone so much you did not know what to do without them? One of the hardest things I had to face in my life was the passing of my grandfather. This man was not just my grandfather, but my hero, my idol, someone who showed me what it means to be a man. On October 21, 2012, I got one of the most devastating phone calls of my life. My aunt called me and told me that the man I love so much has died do to heart complications. At first, I did not believe her, but I knew deep down inside it was true.

My reaction to this event was anger, pain, a feeling of being lost. If it was not for my family being there for me, I do not know what I would have done. I knew at a young age that we do not live forever. I knew I did not want to lose someone that I love. One of the many memories I have of him is when he traveled to Mississippi for a family reunion. I would always look in the sky get on my knees, put my hands together, and say a prayer. At the time I didn’t have faith in religion but deep down inside someone was listening to my prayer. But the day has come where I had to face my worst fear.

One thing that stood out to me is when I went to my grandfather’s house was I found an old picture of when my grandfather was young. When I was going through his things, I saw some old wedding pictures of my grandparents when they were younger. But one of the things that caught my attention is their old wedding certificate. It was dated October 20, 1950, sixty-two years after their wedding he passed away. Before he passed, I remember him telling me that he had a dream involving my grandmother. In this dream he told me that she was at the end of the bed and she was looking at him and said, “I miss you, Bob. It’s time to come home”.

It’s been three years now after that tragic day; every day I think of them. I don’t forget what he has taught me, lessons that are not in normal practice in today’s society. Things like what it meant to be a hardworking man, what it means to be a provider for your family. And most of all, to never give up and never stop fighting for want you what in life. This experience has changed me. He not here to give me advice about life buy even though he may not be here now, he’s with me in spirit.

Moreover, I realized that all the lessons that he taught me that I just need to believe in myself and have confidence. Now that he’s gone, I feel it is my responsibility to teach my niece and nephew about what he taught me no matter how hard life gets or how much knock you down just get up, never stop, never quit-fight the good fight, and that’s what I’m doing.

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