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The Clearing in the Forest

After some days, I found myself wedged between the Earth and the atmosphere. I no longer had a clear...

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After some days, I found myself wedged between the Earth and the atmosphere. I no longer had a clear cut journey, and was merely just trudging along the ferns and the trees. Numerous animals and insects peeped at me, for I was an outsider among this community – a curious addition to this habitat. As I meandered through the undergrowth of the forest, I could hear the faint chirps of birds, the distant sound of a creek, and the crunch of the forest’s debris under my feet. The damp air and shrubby aroma enveloped me, it carried me through this lost journey I had now undertook.

For some reason, I didn’t feel scared. Perhaps, since the animals and insects checked on me, I never felt alone. Encapsulated within the forest, however lost I was, I felt an odd sense of freedom in my confinement within the trees. Although I was an outsider, I felt oddly welcomed by the surrounding organisms native to this land. I wondered if the others had realized my journey was now a lost one.

Upon reaching a clearing in the dense growth of the forest, I noticed the tip of architecture sprouting between some trees on the other side. I pondered whether I should continue on my lost journey, or travel to this bit of building I had now spotted. Should I alert civilization of becoming lost, or should I transcend deeper into my odd freedom within the confinement of the trees? I knew what the right option was, and what the wrong one was. I had decided to take the right path. As I parted the clearing on the right path, I left my freedom behind resting within the oaks, willows, and yews.

Pressing on, I felt my heels dig into the soft mulch. The path was narrow, and upon reentering the dense growth of trees, the path grew dark. Winding through the forest, I noticed less and less wildlife – less and less freedom. I felt the comforting grip of society lull me closer; like a sheep to the pasture. Was I making the right choice, or did the confines of society reach to me on the forest edge back in the clearing? I felt compelled to stop, and looking to my left, I spotted the gate to the aforementioned architecture. To my right, I noticed the beginnings of another path – one with no signs of my kind. It was then, I realized what I really wanted – to be free and lost within the protection of the trees. I broke the ball-and-chain society had created, and I darted towards the right path – not once did I look back.

Written by Ashlee Brasier
My name is Ashlee Brasier, and I am a devoted scholar pursuing a degree in English Literature. I hope to receive a doctorate's degree and become a college professor in the English department. Eventually, I want to teach English overseas. Reading and writing are huge passions of mine, and I hope to spark interest (or the same passion) in other individuals. Profile
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