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Unnecessary Death

Roughly 155 babies lose their life per hour, that is about one baby per twenty-four seconds (TFP Student Action)....

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Roughly 155 babies lose their life per hour, that is about one baby per twenty-four seconds (TFP Student Action). And 94% of women regret their decision to abort (Prolife). When it comes to abortions, of course, people believe in some cases they are the way to go and an acceptable choice to be made; however the controversy comes from this topic is whether or not these abortions are truly an acceptable choice or if it is an easy way out for a mistake that has been made. Some are convinced that in certain situations abortions are the smartest way to go others believe it is a cop out. My own view is abortions are a poor choice for unwanted pregnancies because they allow women to decide the faith of an innocent child before he or she has a choice, they give young women an escape from a reality check when they decided to be careless, and when a woman has an abortion it stirs up an abundance of health risks.

When a woman becomes pregnant and unwillingly loses her child to natural causes, she is overwhelmed with devastation; these days we have women willingly yanking an unborn child’s chance at a full and happy life from them. According to the TFP Student Action, “ A living human person begins to exist at the moment of conception…” (TFP).  Therefore, no matter which way is up when a woman carries out an abortion to some extent she is a murderer.  Killing is not the way to go for an unwanted pregnancy. Thanks to the Roe vs. Wade and Doe Vs. Bolton cases in January 1973, the United States Supreme Court made it legal in all fifty states allowing abortions from the moment of conceiving until the moment of birth. The father has no rights whatsoever when it comes to the unborn child. Did you know, “18 days from conception, heart beings to beat, with the baby’s own blood.” That is 2 and a half weeks pregnant and a majority of women do not confirm their pregnancy until about 2-3 months into it. According to Pro-Life Action League 61.8% of abortions are carried at less than 9 weeks along, the babies hear is most likely already beating. By 9 weeks your baby already has muscles developed and may begin sucking his or her thumb (Prolife). If at eighteen days of conception your child has a beating heart and you decide to stop that heart is not considered murder, then society has some serious rethinking that needs to be done and conditions for abortions should be heavily monitored.

Let’s talk about alternative routes: it is always a sigh of relief when you find an easy way around a situation. For example, you have midterms coming up and have no idea what you need to study, then your buddy comes up to you and lets you know he has the answers. So instead of taking hours to teach yourself the material you take the easy way and memorize those answers, the easy way out right? Let’s apply this to a different situation, abortions, today abortions are being used more and more as an easy way out. They are being taken advantage of and adolescents are making dumb choices because of the scapegoat they have that allows them to take a life. Too many teenage girls head straight for the abortion clinic when that test screams positive at them, it has almost become a second nature these days. Of course they are young and they do not consider the other options such as: Adoption, shaping up and taking full responsibility for their actions, and/or stop having sex; and if they have not started yet don’t even consider it. And if one feels ready, take every step to be careful. But besides that abortions are way too easily accessible and way to socially acceptable among young women these days. Women in their twenties make up for about 57% of abortions carried out and women ranging from fifteen-nineteen make up for  14.6% of the abortion. Since Roe v. Wade many states have attempted to take action to make abortions harder to come by and harder for abortion clinics to run since abortions are in fact not illegal. Some of these restrictions for the clinics include: regulating water fountains and parking lot sizes. For the women seeking abortions some of the roadblocks that are their include: long waiting periods, 87% of counties lack facilities making trips for abortions lengthy travel and for the younger women seeking abortions taking time off school is complicated and paying for the abortion isn’t easy especially if its something that is a secret (advocates). Unfortunately, even with all these difficulties, women are still finding ways to make it happen. Some cultural changes need to be made and these young women that are the primary abortion seekers need to be well educated before taking any action whether it be before they decide to have sex, and/or before they decide to step into the abortion clinic.

Lastly, abortions and health. Just like with any other surgical procedure, or new medicine there are risks. There is more than one way that abortion can affect a woman’s possibility to become pregnant later in life. For example; Dr. Tiller explains Retention of fetal tissue which is an “incomplete abortion” which is when some tissue is left in  the uterus which can cause permanent damage the a female’s reproductive organs which can cause miscarriage or sterility( inability to reproduce). Aside from infertility women can get pelvic infections. The state of Louisiana’s Department of Health and Hospitals described these infections as “Bacteria from the vagina or cervix entering the uterus.” Women can also potentially get blood clots in their uterus, women may also have complications during their next pregnancy like high blood pressure, more blood clots and heavy bleeding. Of course with everything we do in life there are risks but there are some risks you can avoid taking and by avoiding abortions you can avoid all the risks that come with them. no one forces you to have an abortion you decide to put that kind of strain on your body. A woman’s body was not built to abort a child it was built for childbearing, abortions are just another one of those unnatural things women tend to do to their bodies.

All in all, abortions are bad because the life of a child if put into an emotionally overwhelmed female most likely not thinking clearly; they are too easily accessible this day and age to young women that are not ready to wake up and smell the coffee and they cause an enormous amount of strain on your body and they come with a lot of risks. If someone finds himself in such a position where abortion is being considered they should take a step back and think of all that can be done they should think about the options and the loved ones around them. At a time like that being selfish is just unacceptable. Your choices affect the ones around you, and one should always think before they act.

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