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They sat on the bed together; she hugging a pillow and sleepily swaying softly, and he leisurely head tilted...

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They sat on the bed together; she hugging a pillow and sleepily swaying softly, and he leisurely head tilted up towards the low ceiling of the dimly lit bedroom. They spoke idly of fond memories and chuckled quietly at their well-worn inside jokes as they slowly shared a frosty bowl of sweet vanilla ice cream. It was hot in the room. A muggy summer night that stuck to their bodies in a light sheen of glistening moisture and hot, damp skin. But it wasn’t entirely unpleasant, the humidity, as they sat swinging legs and licking their spoons. She ran her tongue over her sweet wet lips, licking away any creamy residue that remained from the ice cream. She sighed once, heavily.

“What do you like about me?” she asked suddenly, glancing at him from the corners of her eyes. He seemed taken aback for a moment and thought quietly before answering.

“Everything, I guess,” he laughed.

“Everything? Why?” she frowned, puzzled, “I’m stubborn sometimes… most of the time. And I’m not very smart. I’m not even that pretty and I’m sort of… flat-chested,”

“That’s all true-” he said and was rewarded with a light slap, “but you are who you are. And who you are is the person I fell in love with. I can’t imagine you passive or smarter or prettier, you’re you and I wouldn’t change that even if I could.”

She smiled, feeling the heat rise in her cheeks and thankful the room was dark enough that he wouldn’t notice the rosy blush staining her face. But perhaps he sensed that blush anyway, felt the mood shift and intensify, because he kissed her then. Tenderly, soft cold lips searing her flaming hot cheeks for a brief moment that seemed to linger and last long enough that she burned with a desire for more. She turned her face urgently, her eager lips meeting with his in a deliciously sweet vanilla-flavored kiss. They intertwined their fingers and broke away, contented and tired. A comfortable silence fell then, no words spoken or needed as the couple leaned against each other gently, brushing arms and shoulders and knowing the warmth within them was not simply from the hot summer night.


Written by Binley Chang
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