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Leave the Love

The steps I took to get me here Are ones I really shouldn’t fear For even though the trip...

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The steps I took to get me here

Are ones I really shouldn’t fear

For even though the trip was long

It’s every step that made me strong

So when my muscles strain and stress

And I feel like I’m just a mess

I think about the girl I used to be

And I wonder if she’s really me



So leave the love,

And leave your key

And leave my heart,

Where it used to be

But leave the love,

You never earned

And walk away,

You have been warned

You may be gone,

But I’m still here

So leave the love,

And disappear

So leave the love,

You cannot see

It’s not for you,

That’s up to me

But leave the love,

For someone else

And see the end

You wrote yourself

So leave the love,

And move along

Cause I loved you,

But I was wrong

Next you look,

We’ll both be gone


Remember all the times I cried

Wishing that I could have died

Just some silly girl who’s missin’ you

Not that you’d ever miss me too

So who am I to change my past

When loving you would never last

And missing you was time I lost

But moving on was worth the cost




For it’s my past that got me here

And just so that I’m really clear-

I’ll say good-bye to you and me

Cause it was never meant-to-be

But loving you was no mistake

Cause ever cut you got to make

Has healed the soul you couldn’t break

There’s nothing left for you to take

Written by Kathleen Donovan
I'm an English Major with an Art minor; I consider myself an artist, whether it's painting with words or with charcoal. I also enjoy music, reading, exploring, and going on adventures. Profile
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