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To My Younger Self

I hope you find this when things are good When things are working as they should I tucked it...

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I hope you find this when things are good

When things are working as they should

I tucked it where I knew you’d see

So that you’d truly know it’s me

It may be strange for you to hear

Because your future isn’t always clear

But I’ve lived through things too

And through everything I grew

With everything that’s going on

Don’t ever think that you’re wrong

Because of you I’m here today

For I am you in every way.

I’m sure you really want to know

How everything’s supposed to go

But that would ruin all the fun

Before you’ve even really begun

So I’ll just tell you this instead

There’s nothing for you to dread

For even when you’re frightened

The world is still being brightened

It’s all in the way you see things

Or way you find the joy it brings

Through all the choices made

Your voice has always stayed.

I love you for everything I am

And ask to hold your hand

For in my heart I wish to be

As innocent as I used to be-

My eyes and heart were open

But now I fear they’re broken

And though I lived beyond

That sweetness has since gone.

You’ll go through love and pain

But in the end you’ll surely gain

This wisdom that I give to you

“In all you do, be true to you.”

Written by Kathleen Donovan
I'm an English Major with an Art minor; I consider myself an artist, whether it's painting with words or with charcoal. I also enjoy music, reading, exploring, and going on adventures. Profile
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2 Replies to “To My Younger Self”

  1. You know, this really wasn’t the kind of scheme that I would normally write in, but when I went back to edit it I just couldn’t bring myself to change much about it because it was so much like how I was when I was a kid-figuring things out, unsure, scared, and yet I would always keep it going.

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