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Step Into The Magic

♪ Step into the magic ♪ … ♥      ♥      ♥ ♪ When you wish upon a star, makes no...

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♪ Step into the magic ♪[1]

♥      ♥      ♥

♪ When you wish upon a star,

makes no difference who you are ♪[2]

But it does.

There is a difference.

♥      ♥      ♥

♪ Who is that girl I see?

Staring straight,

Back at me? ♪[3]

She’s changed her face,

long sleeves don’t hide her red kisses.

Tears are blood, blood is a tear

♥      ♥      ♥

♪ But people I guess can’t live like that

We all must pay a price

To be safe we lose our chance of ever knowing

What’s around the river bend ♪[4]

Bullet holes twinkle on buildings

and the people who couldn’t escape;

Good education is two cities too far.

It is better to duck and pray

♥      ♥      ♥

♪ If there’s a prize for rotten judgement,

I guess I’ve already won that

No man is worth the aggravation

That’s ancient history;

Been there, done that ♪[5]

Sweet tanned skin, adored by the sun

Colored black and purple by love’s labour’s lost.

Balms lie heavy and makeup dries and cracks,

No more; flesh was made for pain, but not like this

Good-bye sweet misery – your tongue serves me no more

♥      ♥      ♥

♪ A whole new world

A hundred thousand things to see

I’m like a shooting star

I’ve come so far

I can’t go back to where I used to be

Every turn a surprise ♪[6]

Unfamiliar lands, terrifying and entrancing;

Cold ground replaces dreams of soft beds,

But at least there aren’t bullets dancing overhead.

How do I know it won’t be my children’s face-down in the water?

Please take me in, I’ll do as you ask.

I can’t go back; don’t make me go back – my country is not safe.

♥      ♥      ♥

♪ What’s this?

The streets are lined with

Little creatures laughing

Everybody seems so happy

Have I possibly gone daffy?

What is this?

What’s this? ♪[7]

Laughter. Smiling faces at every turn – where was I going?

Giggle, where are you going? Giggle; come back!

“Snort, swallow – come with us!”

It’s getting dark, too dark; I can’t, I-I can’t do this!

Take a hit, a hit, I need a hit!

Darkness – no, I hear something.

Giggle my own parade of tiny companions. Giggle.

♥      ♥      ♥

♪ Whatever you do, I’ll do it too

Show me everything and tell me how

It all means something

And yet nothing to me

I can see there’s so much to learn

It’s all so close and yet so far

I see myself as people see me

Oh, I just know there’s something bigger out there ♪[8]

Thick accents, colored skin;

We look nothing alike and yet,

We are brothers.

Not-so imaginary soldiers are fighting –

Not-so imaginary wars in cities and towns.

Tell me how to win; I just want to be successful.

For all the mountain I am able to climb;

Imaginary colors push me down.

♥      ♥      ♥

♪ “Madame Gaston!”

His “little wife”

No sir! Not me!

I guarantee it

I want much more than this provincial life

I want adventure in the great wide somewhere

I want it more than I can tell

And for once it might be grand

To have someone understand ♪[9]

Sweet childhood, innocent face;

You were never meant to go with him.

Twirling pink dresses are stained white,

But your virtue is stained red.

Toys lay spilt on the concrete, rusting

With the healing sun.

You never knew your childhood,

That sweet ignorance of the world

And its cruelties; now you must create another.

♥      ♥      ♥

♪ I ask for nothing

I can get by

But I know so many

I ask for nothing

I can get by

But I know so many

Less lucky than I

Please help my people

The poor and downtrod

I thought we all were

Children of God

God help the outcasts

Children of God ♪[10]


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