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A Flickering Flame

We seem to have forgotten, in the midst of all our angst, that the words we’ve rashly spoken, have...

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We seem to have forgotten,
in the midst of all our angst,
that the words we’ve rashly spoken,
have caused us all the most pain.
Our mouth runs loose, like wind; it’s howling,
our eyes are blinded by glaring lightning,
our minds inspired by battles conquered,
our blood boiling a little stronger,
our heartbeat so erratic,
our common sense confounded.
Words we never meant to say,
comments meant in a different way,
come out,
so clearly spoken.
Actions once implied,
descriptions made with sneer and snide,
a small spark made, when words collide,
And with a spark a flame ignites,
a fire built, with hate and spite.
We’ve all wounded someone dear,
with phrases uttered so loud and fierce.
We’ve all wished we could take back,
the poison tongue we’ve spit and spat,
to never have caused such a scar,
on those we love with all our heart.
our mistakes derived from our frustrations,
from our silents cries and devastations,
our eruptions always pending,
our apologies,
never ending.
When one heart hurts,
another follows,
screaming words of tears and sorrows,
carefully hidden in misconceptions,
Of anger, channelled in the wrong direction.
But with hardships there are lessons learned,
with apologies, forgiveness earned.
So when you feel like the wind is howling,
Blinded by glaring lightning,
And when you’re inspired by battles conquered,
lashing out won’t make you stronger.
Even when skies are dreary,
All can learn from their mistakes,
When anger blazes with crazed fury,
Breath and patience you must create.
A battle won with dishonorable tactics,
with malevolent intent,
and hurtful antics,
Is a battle not worth fighting.

This poem ties into the theme of communication by expressing what choices and actions a person may transmit when they are fueled by rage, sadness or other overwhelming emotions.

Written by Kamila Cerda
I am a psychology major at Ventura College, nearing the end of my second year. I am passionate about helping others, and would love to pursue a field in marriage family therapy. Profile
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