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Am I Lost?

Written by kristopher moreno · 52 sec read >

The consumption of my soul is overwhelming.
Its destroying my humanity.
The monster is society,
And we treat it like a baby.
Social media is just the offspring and that is still killing.
We are devoured day into night.
Becoming emotionless rag dolls for society to control.
It’s our marionette and we are just so strung up on popularity.
Like seriously how do your clothes affect me?
It doesn’t and shouldn’t but yet here we are destroying humanity and our sanity over petty things.
I stare into the moon as my soul becomes consumed by its overwhelming energy.
I am no longer empty but I am so cold inside. I am so light but with a heavy heart. I drift away into thoughts of nothingness but stay rooted to the next trend. We have become the monsters we hate but can never admit it.
I sit here and slit my wrists but only contemplating the thought of what used to be and romanticize the thoughts and feelings.
I know it’s wrong but you drove me here because I let you in the door. My castle has fallen but my walls are still up. I am broken but I am whole.
This is how I was created. I was never born into this world I was molded into this life. I am not who you see me as. I am not alive but I am not dead or at least that’s what I want to believe.

Written by kristopher moreno
I'm a rapper and poet. My major is medical assisting. I like to help people because most of the time I see negativity. Profile

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