Why do we speak Why do we eat Why do we spend each day on the same two feet...

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Why do we speak

Why do we eat

Why do we spend each day on the same two feet

How do we lie in a bed filled with people we love and still feel lonely and sick

We try everyday but in our stomachs it just won’t sit

Is it for hope

We smoke our dope and dream of places we never will go

Or things we never will do

Or people we never will meet but it keeps us alive and keeps us complete

That’s why we live and that’s why we die and that’s what gives us a reason to try

It’s hope

Even when people they tell us we’re worthless

Our hope it tells us we’re worth it

And we know it

But sometimes we’re all too embarrassed to show it

Broken and broke we stand all alone hiding ourselves from the world

Scared to be judged

Scared to be hugged

Sacred to not be enough

So we hide all our dreams behind our 6 inch screens and smother our hope in doubt

It screams for us but we pretend not to hear and never let it out

But there is always a different route

To uncover our hope and believe in our core that we all have more in store

We’re better than this so unclench your fists and clean up your wrists and get what is rightfully yours.


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