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How to throw the perfect Barbecue Everyone wants to throw the perfect. Barbecue Am I right? You know the...

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How to throw the perfect Barbecue

Everyone wants to throw the perfect. Barbecue Am I right? You know the type of barbecue that everyone likes to mention to their friends and family how much fun they missed out on. Which will include great music, drinks and of course great food. And less work for you to do. Even Though perfection is a long shot, I’ve wrote down these three easy tips for you to follow. That will surely make your next barbecue with family and friends a more successful one.

First things first preparation is key when trying to throw a successful barbecue. In my opinion, the foundation  is where most of your success will come from. So plan everything ahead. At least two weeks in advance that way everyone you invited gets a chance to show up. The more people show up, the better, while you’re at it have everyone bring over a side dish or a dessert. So that way you’re not stuck in the kitchen for hours the night before preparing for your barbecue. But not the main dish. The main dish is for you to decide. Whether it may be some slow cooked prime rib, chicken, or even just some good old fashion cheese burgers. Whatever you decide on making, make sure you make it with love. Trust me, your friends and family will notice the difference. A very delicious difference. That you’ll reap the benefits from.

Now that we have all the preparation done for your barbecue, now it’s time for the music. Yes the music. Believe it or not having the right music can either make or break your barbecue. I mean come on you’re not going to want to play some opera. You have to keep the barbecue feeling alive full of energy! So making a playlist consisting of some up beat tempos, hip hop, old school, funk, pop and rock n roll will surely keep your guest going for more. But hey, you know your guest better than I do. So have fun with it. Just remember to keep it fun and with lots of energy. If your grooving your head to the music and your guest are singing along to the lyrics, you have successfully made a music playlist.

Ahhh and now, the final step into bringing the perfect barbecue all together. Which is my personnel favorite, the food. So grab yourself a big plate and an ice cold beer their little buddy, because were about to dig in! Make sure to try a little bit of everything, while taking time to thank everyone around you who brought something to the table. It makes them feel appreciated while also giving them a compliment on their dish really makes them feel good and appreciated. Most likely convincing them to come around for the next time you have a barbecue. Which it also means less work slaving in the kitchen for you. It’s a beautiful thing, therefore killing two birds with one stone. Now all that’s left to do is enjoy the fruits of your labor, and the company of your friends and family.

See, it really is all that simple, as long as you have done your homework, choose good music and have a positive attitude, you can make any barbecue into the great barbecue. But what makes it into the perfect barbecue, is enjoying with the people you care about the most. Your family.

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